Integrating mindful technology planning early and as a critical piece of the overall development and operations plan can help real estate investors, community developers and operators reduce technology challenges and optimize opportunities; helping create great places for people to live and work.


  • Existing communities haven’t kept up with advancements in higher bandwidth speeds, mobile coverage, and connected homes and places.
  • The potential impact of new technologies, greater bandwidth demands, and converged city and municipality services on current day real estate planning and development efforts.
  • The need for technology is increasing at a breathless pace.
  • Continued industry changes and technology disruption as new entrants into the market challenge competitors with better, faster services.


  • Through fiber optic network over builds and expanding wireless networks, opportunities exist for improved services that keep existing communities vibrant and competitive.
  • Build a technology foundation of wired and wireless networks, bringing community stakeholders together early in the technology planning process.
  • Create a roadmap for an open, flexible “no limits” network and secure relationships with providers who can meet consumers insatiable appetite for bandwidth.
  • Align with an expert that understands the implications of technology decisions made early in the development lifecycle and can provide guidance from master-planning through development and operations.

What role will technology have in our future communities?

How will technology contribute to our commitment to innovation and sustainability?

For our communities to have value what technology components do we need in place?

“This level of bandwidth and connectivity will change basic human interactions.

It will change the idea of being together, of what community can be.”

Lee Rainie, Pew Research


What We Do

Celebration Communities has been providing technology advisory services since 1999 to organizations who share our commitment to integrate smart technology initiatives that enhance the essential elements of a place.

Through the skillful integration of Education, Health, Technology, Community and Place, we work to preserve and enhance the essential elements authentic to each place and vital to those who live in and near them. We believe that humanity, the built environment and the natural world are richer when they are engaged and rooted together from the start.


Approach and Philosophy

We do not take words like integrity, perseverance, stewardship, loyalty, legacy and excellence lightly. These core values infuse our every action and interaction. They form not just the way we approach projects but also the partnerships we make, the relationships we build and the way we view the world.


Celebrating Places of Enduring Value

Technology, and the ability for a community to enjoy access to the most advanced consumer technologies available today and in the future, is a key component of our technology advisory expertise. In the world of real estate investment and community development the continual challenge is to understand and deliver technology solutions that address today’s consumer demands, with a strategy that allows for the seamless migration to future technologies not yet envisioned.  The constant demand for bandwidth to meet these ever-increasing technologies makes best practice technology planning a critical real estate development component.


Amy is principal and co-founder of Celebration Communities.

A sought after advisor in the area of real estate development and technology, Amy has earned a reputation for providing invaluable technology advisory services to large-scale master planned communities, multi-family, single family, resort, and mixed use communities across the country.  Prior to co-founding the company in 1999 Amy spent 16 years with The Walt Disney Company where she held a variety of leadership roles in Florida and California in the telecommunications division of The Walt Disney Company. That was followed by Amy taking a technology leadership role in Celebration, the epic 4900-acre master-planned community in Florida, where she began her career as part real estate developer, part technologist.

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Celebration Communities provides advisory services to help landowners, developers, lenders and investors create great places while optimizing returns, minimizing risk and achieving sustained incremental value.

Our deep technical expertise coupled with our understanding of real estate development uniquely positions us to be able to easily integrate technology planning into the development life cycle at just the right time. We understand the implications of early technology decisions that a developer makes and its’ impact on the community over time.

Our Advisory Services include:

  • Community Technology Strategy Development
  • Existing Community Technology Upgrade
  • Service Provider Partnerships
  • Residential Technology Infrastructure
  • Project Management


Leveraging a Common Foundation

The physical wired and wireless networks make up the essential technology elements necessary to create successful communities that differentiate projects in a competitive marketplace. Understanding new trends, technology standards, and target demographics position us to add value to our clients’ projects by bringing together a broad spectrum of innovative ideas and practical technology solutions delivered through our relationships with telecommunications service providers, builders, developers and storytellers. In addition to relying on our experience, we rely on our alliances with partners, clients, and a trusted group of advisers who share our values.


What Others Say

Thank you for bringing your expertise to Streamsong, and assisting us in developing a strong game plan to ensure our guests will have a memorable experience. I’m thankful to have you as part of our team.” 

Rich Mack, Executive Vice President, The Mosaic Company

Celebration Communities is so insightful. People expect to have these consumer technologies in their communities when in fact, it takes a lot of hard work and foresight and commitment by the developer.”

Anne Chow, Senior Vice President


Technology really isn’t about hardware or software. It’s not about the latest shiny thing, the latest algorithm or the largest database. Technology only matters when we use it to serve people and create value in their lives.”

Carolyn Everson, VP Global Marketing Solutions





Our technology advisory projects are special invitations from people we admire, and we’re honored to lend our resources and vision. With our personalized hands-on approach, we have the ability to establish a customized scope of services with an engagement period tailored to meet specific project requirements. We never stop learning.

Our projects are a testament to all that we stand for and where we are headed.


Developing smart technology plans and helping our clients get there.


Babcock Ranch partners with CenturyLink for state-of-the-art Communications Network > >

Fiber connectivity combined with smart city technology will create community of tomorrow.

Comcast Announces First-Ever Fiber-to-the-Home Build Out In Texas > >

Crescent Communities’ The Groves in Houston becomes the first residential community to offer Comcast’s X1 entertainment platform via a fiber-to-the-home solution.

–   July 2015  –


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